This collection unites all the families for whom we have conducted genealogy, 
available to you at one flat rate per document.

Read before purchasing
Whenever in any doubt, please contact us for clarity beforehand.

Our fees
On the site we only offer narrative forms for purchase to make it affordable for you. It is more than enough vital information (births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, generational relationships) to tell you "who is who." The difference in prices in the collection is based on the ease or difficulty in researching and documenting the families. 

Extra services
We do offer more in depth genealogical research on Louisiana Creole families, though. It includes community information, such as organizations, religious congregations, associations, neighborhoods, business and occupation, extended family networks, property, copies of original records, and more.
Contact us for our current rates at .

Greater St. Landry Parish 
Family researchers for this region are encouraged to contact the extremely abled researchers Rodney Sam ( ) and Alex Lee ( ).

Natchitoches Parish
Family researchers for this region are encouraged to purchase The Forgotten People: Cane River's Creoles of Color by Gary B. Mills and Elizabeth Shown Mills which provides all the genealogical information on all Creoles there.

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