2 | Genealogy Research

2 | Genealogy Research



In addition to the family tree reports, we offer genealogy research as a service. We specialize in Louisiana Creoles, Cajuns, Houma, Chitimacha, Acadians, and Quebecers.  

Genealogy is the more academic side of family history. Litigants often  need genealogists to rigorously research an individual or family to  confirm relationships and infer legitimate and illegitimate heirs in property disputes. Historians also rely on genealogists to provide exhaustive research on an individual and their community's interconnectedness for just about every branch of academic history. A family member may be interested in genealogy to document branches of the family, provide a narrative on an ancestor or group of ancestors  for a book or family reunion. 

Our primary source material includes: 

  • Roman Catholic sacramental records 
  • Newspapers
  • Decennial federal censuses
  • Parochial and state civil records 
  • Social organizations
  • Interviews with family members

Steps for our genealogical service:

  1. Identify a goal: what do you want to have researched? If you know, move to #2 below. If you aren't sure, click here (opens in new window).
  2. Do we offer a family tree report on your family in our collection? If unsure, click here (opens in new window). If we have it, or you already have one, specify this at checkout when booking the consultation. 
  3. What is your budget and timeline? We do not offer pro bono genealogical research. Once you know this, fill out this form.
  4. Book a consultation (new window). Consultation is required for any research we offer. 

Note that all of our genealogical and historical research or contextualization, require a one-hour consultation. The consultation costs $45 and this fee must be paid when booking the consultation. Consultation allows clients to tell us exactly what their research or contextualization needs are. By the end of the consultation, we will be able to inform whether we can be of any use, or not. When we cannot, we forward you to researchers we know who can. 

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