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A modern way of presenting your genealogy in a sleek yet elegant modern family tree.

We offer the tree in 6, 7, 8, or 10 generations, in 3 different background colors and 3 different aesthetic styles. You choose where to begin and end the tree. Our layouts in the templates are merely templates. Trees tend to turn out differently, but we always ensure that the aesthetic is as close as possible to the templates pictured.

How it works:

Choose a style (title)

  • THE GENERATIONS – Title/Header surname in Gothic script, one insignia of your choice, one line of wording in 18th century script
  • THE BOURGEOIS – Title/Header surname in 19th century script, collection of heraldic or other insignia at the bottom
  • THE DOCUMENT – Title/Header surname in 19th century script, text from one historic document important to the family on the poster with original signatures from the original document

Choose a background color

  • Navy Blue
  • Silver
  • Wheat

Choose how many generations

  • 7
  • 8
  • 10

Insignia & Documentation Text

  • Standard insignia on THE GENERATIONS is the Louisiana Creole shield, or the Acadiana/Cajun shield.
  • After checking out, you will receive an email confirmation. 

    If you have selected a style with insignia, or with text from a document important to the family, email us at info@mylhcv.com with the insignia or/and text from the document you wish to appear on the poster. 

    If you have a high quality resolution file of the insignia and document, please email this at the same time. 

    If not, still email us and let us know that you would like the insignia or text on the poster, and wish for us to conduct the research for the appropriate insignia or text. If we are unable to locate it, we will email you with options.

Names on the tree

  • WHERE WILL YOUR TREE BEGIN: You will need to email us and let us know who you wish for the tree to begin and end with.
  • YOU HAVE THE NAMES YOU WANT: Please email us the names you want on the tree, and the relationships between the different people on the tree.
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE THE NAMES BUT WE DO: if you have located your family in our database, please email us the family. 

Dimensions: 16x20

Paper stock: heavyweight poster, matte finish

Perfect for home and office, and especially as a gift. 


Please note: The products above are only if we already have your genealogy in our database, or/and if you send us the names in the tree that you want (and the relationships on the tree). A separate product will be provided for those who need us to conduct the research.

We can assemble trees for ethnic groups other than Louisiana Creoles/Cajuns and Louisiana Native Americans.

We can also do custom work on the tree, including different background colors, ornamentation, combined-surnames as headers, and layouts. Email us at info@mylhcv.com if you would like a customized tree. 

Ordinary production time is 5-7 business days.

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