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Genealogical, Historical and Linguistic

How this works

  • Determine what you wish for us to clarify, or how we can contextualize a topic for you.
  • If you have research already, and just need to tie some nuts and bolts, and need guidance, identify what exactly you require and how we can help you.
  • Jot down up to 5 days and times when you will be available and would like us to meet or discuss your project.
  • Pay the one time consultation* fee of $40 USD and specify your 5 days and times when checking out.
  • The process is the same for developing exhibits.
*Consultation is our first step towards deeper discussions. Our initial consultations are arranged in one hour max slots. During these, clients tell us what their objectives are, query us on these areas of expertise, and we can also lead researchers needing a little help in locating resources to research on their own.

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