Lecture or Workshop

Lecture or Workshop

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Our team are ready to deliver lectures and offer workshops for your event! 

Our areas of expertise include: 

  1. Creole Louisiana 
  2. Colonial Louisiana
  3. Antebellum Louisiana
  4. Reconstruction Louisiana
  5. Jim Crow Louisiana
  6. Interwar Louisiana
  7. Post-Vietnam Louisiana
  8. Kouri-Vini
  9. Louisiana French
  10. Creole Louisiana Genealogy
  11. Quebecer Genealogy
  12. Acadian Genealogy
  13. Art in Creole Louisiana
  14. Identity Politics: Creolization, Americanization, Cajunization
  15. Language Politics 

Key considerations:

When is your event?

Who is your audience: academic or popular?

How many attendees projected?

What is your honorarium value? Do you play for travel (if your event is outside of southwest Louisiana)?


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